Matt Seymour

Freelance Web Developer

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I’m a web developer.

I work with agencies to meet their web development goals. If your team is missing a key skill set or is simply running out of bandwidth, I can help.

~ Featuring ~

Front End

  • Detail-oriented translation of UI kits and design comps into concise and maintainable code.
  • Complex CSS / SCSS systems with or without third-party frameworks.
  • Improved optimization and parity across browsers and devices.
  • Design consulting to produce tighter UI kits and reduce downstream development bottlenecks.


  • Bespoke code solutions that leverage the full power of WordPress as a publishing, content management, and e-commerce platform.
  • Deep customization of the posting and admin experience while maintaining a native WordPress feel.
  • Usable interfaces with built-in hints, tooltips, and instructions to ensure a smooth data entry or content creation experience.
  • Third-party API integrations.

Remote Integration

  • 10 years of experience integrating with teams of various sizes.
  • Quick adaptation to your workflow and coding standards.
  • Direct engagement in repository contributions, team chat channels, project management platforms.


Agencies are my clients, but over the years I have had the privilege of contributing to brands like…